Over the pass

We left for our hike early Sunday morning. I'd suggested to TOG that we might drive over the night before but he wanted to do the whole thing in one day. I also campaigned to bring my little Maddie, my hiking buddy, but we were both worried about the rattlesnakes and so we left her safely in Seattle with the rest of the brutes!

Our first pit stop was for breakfast right at the base of the pass. I stopped to take a picture of Mt. Si. Long time readers may remember the hike that totally kicked my butt last year. Where we turned back half way up the 5 out of 5 difficulty trail? Yeah... This is a pic of Mt. Si, home of the most difficult trail I've tried.... I've cleverly placed an arrow at the half way point where I threatened to heave TOG over the side if we didn't head back to the truck told TOG the lungs were toast and I needed to turn back... It's that little shoulder of the mountain there!

From there we headed up the pass and started getting into the snow!

As we got close to the summit, there was a large amount of snow on the side of the road... Looks like it will be quite some time before we can even drive to the trail heads much less hike up into the mountains.

We also caught a pretty good view of one of the ski areas. I hear that snow skiing is pretty much over but the snow boarders are still hitting it!

The lake at the top of the pass is still mostly frozen over.... ice and snow as far as the eye can see. Elevation is around 3100 feet. You wouldn't know there's a lake under there!

Once you come down from the pass, you realize you're not in Western Washington anymore. The trees are smaller and fewer and far between...

The vista is starting to open up... Tomorrow's post will find us with some excellent views of the countryside.  We'll also be starting our hike up the canyon. An adventure awaits!