This and that Thursday

This morning is staff meeting, so I'm blazing out of here to pick up food for the entire agency. In the meantime, here's what came to the surface in the 2.3 minutes I had for blogging this morning...

Picture of Mt Rainer taken yesterday with a cloud cap... one of my favorite views! It was about 29 degrees in the valley when I pulled over to take this! What temperature do lenses freeze at?

The lungs and I hMountain capad a bit of a wrestling match last week. I busted out the industrial strength lung stuff and I think I won that round. Dare I hope the lungs will throw in the towel for the rest of the spring?

My salad at the pub last night. (I'm trying to be good). Please note the name on my mug! (embiggen?)


Thanks to Mental Mamafor the Bloggy love yesterday! So sweet! I just love her and can't wait to meet her (and others) in July. It's so weird to befriend someone and then admit that you've never "met" them!

I miss my pony tail!

Thanks to Daryl for the 50% off coupon for Freeze 24/7!

I still haven't taken those stupid glasses back.

Apologies to Snooty for not doing the recipe thing yet.

Why do the oreos with chocolate filling taste so good? (and why did I cave in and eat them after having the healthy salad?)

Have a dreamy Thursday!