The new do

Here it is... the new do. I let Asthmamom see it yesterday in email. But I hated the shot. My hair designer rocks, but he likes to flat iron and I am not a fan of the flat iron! So I had to wash and style the new do before I allowed anymore pictures of it.

Here it is watching the superbowl with TOG and the dogs...


Are you sure?

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Super one

This one is tricky because it just looks like I have my hair tucked!

This one is better....

Super two

You can see my ends!

Super three 

Here's Maddie waiting for me to shoot dog biscuits out of my index finger!

So there you go! It's tuckable, no hairspray required and it's easily styled. Even better, I no longer wake up with my hair wrapped around my throat in the morning!

I don't know if I'll ever grow it out and donate it again. This is the second time I've donated a foot of hair this century. So far, the only thing I've missed about it each time is twirling it around my fingers while I watch TV. So we'll see...!

Whaddya think?


PS~ If you ever do this, just take one peek at the donated hair and avert your eyes. My designer hid mine after the first look. It's best not to look back. Chin up and vision forward! No regrets!