Fun with Photoshop

It was really windy during one of our days in Canada, so we picked that opportune time to go south and look across the water toward Washington State. It was so windy, I could barely open my car door, much less stand and shoot a decent picture! TOG took pity on me and took this one. One superior aspect of this shot is that it does not have my hair blowing in front of the lens!

Sky 0 

I like the shot, so I decided to keep it and work on maybe enhancing the sky a little bit. There's just not enough definition between the sky/land/water. So much blue....So below are my efforts at making this a better pic. Which one do you like best?

#1 (how much purple is too much?)

Sky 1 

#2 (are those rocks really red?)

Sky 2

#3 (too pale?)


#4 (just right?)

Sky 4 

What do you think?

Happy Sunday!

AG out!