The Remote Photoshoot

One of the toys TOG bought me for Christmas was a remote for my camera. This will come in super handy during our holiday photo shoots in front of the tree. I won't have to keep leaping up and running to the camera and putting my glasses on to see the picture and then hitting the timer and tearing my glasses off and running to sit next to TOG and trying to look composed and get the hair out of my face and remembering to tilt my head so the chins don't look too big... Never mind the chin thing. Forget I said that...just know that it can be a hassle to try to get everyone re-situated and I'm the worst of the bunch. Is it any wonder I get so many "out takes"?!

So, we took the remote and the tripod to Canada and on our anniversary, we sat down to take some pictures. Please, I beg you.... put the coffee down. I don't want you snorting anything through your nose. This isn't pretty.


Everything starts off well enough. You can just see the remote in my hand.


Then we're laughing too hard to even focus. I just kept pressing the button...


I don't know what he said to me, but I'm not printing and framing this one.


After a change of wardrobe for the gentleman, and a hair eruption for the pasty white lady, we gave it another shot.


But we're still not very focused...


In the end, we just couldn't keep it together. Nothing but out takes.

I think there must be a huge difference in how people compose themselves when someone runs back and forth between the camera and the sitting area. When one person keeps hitting the remote and the other person doesn't know when she's taking it and he keeps making her laugh.... well, you're just not going to get a good portrait. Maybe I'll stick to running back and forth to the camera!

For those of you volunteering for interviews, I'm in the midst of composing questions! Expect an email soon!

Asthmagirl out!