By night

I brought my tripod to Canada and was able to get some reasonably good night pictures... a vast improvement over my efforts the year before when I left the tripod at home and was propping the camera on any available surface and holding my breath!

Night 1 

The Empress Hotel... I loved the green light around the top! Very festive!

Night 2 

Parliment of course! Every year, they make it a little better. I love the red on the dome!

Night 3 

From our hotel balcony.... You can see The Empress on the right, the building with the columns in the center is the wax museum, in the back on the left with it's top lit up is the Bay Center.


If I was a smoker (HA!) I'd be drawn to this place. As it is, I'm drawn to taking pictures of their decor from across the street!


This effort was the worst. We were sitting upstairs in the pub by the water (I swear to you that I was on my first cider) and the moon was this perfect crescent. TOG tried... I tried... There was much breath holding and attempts at stillness, but no picture yielded fewer than 4 moons. To compensate, I ate these....


Salmon/Halibut cakes! They were sitting on this tangy slaw, it may have had mango in it. That was sitting on this terrific Scottish ale/malt vinegar reduction... Heathen that I am, I would have licked the plate if TOG hadn't given me some serious stink-eye! (not really, I just *thought* about licking the plate)!

I slept all night again last night and the headache I was sporting yesterday seems to be on hiatus. Hopefully I'll catch up with you all today!

Asthmagirl out!