I haven't really organized my thoughts around all the pictures I took in Canada (much less than I usually take!), but I'll work on getting them into a few structured posts!

In the meantime...

One of the museums typically displays John Lennon's Rolls Royce in the winter. He commissioned it to be painted by gypsies and it is either sacrilege or art depending on how you look at it. There's a placard there telling how Londoners would yell at him in the streets for "ruining" the car, so I'm guessing most folks thought it was sacrilege! The back seat folds into a bed!


(Photo by museum staffer who had issues with focus, I think. And dang... I was skinny!)

This year, they displayed this...


Built by a local gentleman back in the 1940's. They even had pictures of it on a road trip to San Francisco! I wonder if the museum loans it out for Blog trips? Bossy?

Have a great day!