Record heat and Sky Watch Friday


With record heat predicted again today, I can't help but wish that I was out on the water in the Puget Sound's natural air conditioner. Like most folks close to the water here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't have central air in our house. So when it gets hot, we head for the water where it's generally 10 degrees cooler. Of course, by the time we drive home, we're roasting again!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow bring that oddity, off shore flow, meaning the air comes over the the Cascade Mountains from the east side of the state which is high desert. So it's hot... maybe 95 today, and not any cooler at the waterfront. And because we're not getting marine air off the sound, the air is stagnating under the heat so we're on smog alert for the next 48 hours. Another reason I wish I were out on one of these boats!

I love this shot. Like today, this was taken on a hot day on the water, and it's hard to tell sea from sky.