Why I'll never go to sea!

Although we had a lovely time touring sailboats at the Tall Ships festival in Victoria, as we went below decks, it became very clear that there was a reason I had never left my family and run away to sea (Although I admit, I considered it once or twice!). The following shots should illustrate my reasoning:

The bunks

The bunks. This vessel slept 36 I believe. The little nets are not hammocks, it's for stowing your gear. (Do you love all the nautical "speak" I picked up "below decks"?) The bunks were short enough that I do not believe I would have been able to straighten my legs. And I don't think the Brute Squad would have enjoyed the nets all that much!

The head

And you thought Boeing bathrooms were small and devoid of luxury! (note: no shower!)

The galley

The Galley: This is a nice one too. Lots of sink space and cupboards. I have become spoiled by the kitchen I currently have. And our final stop on the tour....

The captains cabin

The captain's cabin! TOG is standing IN it. Note the bar over his head for the sliding curtain? The rather large bunk behind him? The porthole? No, I could not back up any further for this shot, I was standing in the galley!

Thanks for touring with me! On a personal note, I've got a huge project I'm working on this week, and I'll be squeezing posts in and visiting other blogs as much as I can, but I won't have much breathing room until Friday, so please bear with me!

In keeping with our nautical theme today, The Brute Squad:

Pirate denial

The pirate life

 Pirate maddie 1

It's a good thing they love me!

Asthmagirl out!