Weekend update

The bike ride didn't happen. My disk brakes were locked up, thus my wheels would not turn and the bike had to go to my bike dude. Although I love him dearly, his shop is a disaster. Bikes everywhere, bikes he's been meaning to put together, bikes people have left for repair, classic bikes from the 50's, bike parts, bike helmets, bike racks, the beat goes on. About once a year, his customers go in and do an intervention (clean up) so he can find stuff again! My thought is, if you walked into that shop, you'd probably walk back out thinking "what a disaster". But there's no one better within 30 miles to drag your bike to and say "can you fix it". Although I waited off and on, left the bike and came back, after five minutes with my bike, he had it rolling beautifully. And best of all, no charge. "Just go ride it for me!" I guess I've bought enough stuff there that he knows we'll be back!

So yesterday we went to the trail fest up at Rattlesnake Lake. (the mountain in the background is the 5 out of 5 that kicked my butt in June!)


We would have loved to hike to the ridge....

The ridge

But K3 wasn't into it. Besides we had the entire brute squad with us...

The group

... and I don't Blondie could have it to the top! Aside from that, I did get my foot into the hiking sandal (barely) and did "okay" on flat surfaces. I don't think I could have managed a climb.

Hope everyone has a delightful Sunday....and hey, lets be safe out there!