Back in the US

Yes, we rolled into town last night. What a trip! We were going to take the Coho to Port Angeles and drive around, but we thought the Canadian Ferry might be faster. Let's see, Catch the 12 noon, Hour and a half to cross, an hour to get to the border AND cross through customs...Home by 4:30, 5:00 tops. Ha! The 12:00 ferry didn't leave until almost one because it arrived late from Vancouver. We didn't know why until we were on it and we learned there were "mechanical difficulties" on the mainland. What did that mean? When we got to Vancouver (Tsawwassen), we discovered that it meant the gate wouldn't work properly. We ended up sitting on the ferry for a while, waiting for them to sort it out. The border was insane... construction, confusion... actually an hour and a half almost. We ended up getting home around 7.

However the trip there was worse. TOG hit the switch to roll my window up and the window mechanism broke with the window down. I was just going nuts. Now I've got security issues (my car is wide open), exhaust issues (fumes from other cars doesn't mix with the asthma well), hair issues (self explanatory)... Fortunately the Acura dealer in Canada was able to to clamp the window mechanism in the "up" position and the vacation continued, but it was a rocky start!

I downloaded pictures last night, but haven't edited... here's a few!

Mt baker 1

Mt Baker as we left....

Mt baker

Mt Baker as we got close to landing.

Mainland canada

Mainland Canada!

Gotta get to work... More later.

Asthmagirl out!