Father's Day

The really great weather that Seattle's been missing showed up just in time for Father's day! I offered to take TOG on a hike which would have been much better weather than the Mother's Day hike we went on, but he turned me down. Later in the day he was saying "what a mistake"!

So we took the doglets down to the beach. The tide was way out and they had a great time except for Maddie who doesn't do water!



I also wanted to include a shot of the progress on the side of the house. Sometimes I think we're stalling because the back is going to be such a huge job! But we really do want to finish this... so hopefully this week! All that's left is the path... and it's a huge improvement from where we started!


We did stop by the pub yesterday for a Father's Day pint. I couldn't help myself and had a cup of the Basil Pesto Chicken Chile. It definitely had some bite! Finally, we ended the day with a cookout with the girls in which my infamous potato salad made an appearance! TOG said he had a wonderful day!

In other news, I'm still researching alarms and haven't decided yet. I appreciate the feedback I've received... Now I just need to finish the research and get it done.

Have a great day!

Asthmagirl out!