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I think I've mentioned that I work in a pretty rural area. Ocasionally I see things that set my mine racing. Yesterday I was behind this vehicle.


I'm not too big of a dope, so I quickly concluded that it was likely a septic pumping truck! This was confirmed when the truck turned and I could see the name on the side. When I took the shot I was simply amused. Upon further reflection, I wondered what other scenarios this little guy could cover?

I could put him on the door to my office to let people know that commercial scents really do make me sick. I got a tech call yesterday in which the woman had just applied scented hand lotion - "I thought it would be okay as long as I kept my door shut"... No, I'm sorry. It's especially not okay when you then call me because your computer froze up. And this is why we have a NO scent policy.

Other thoughts... "I shouldn't have eaten that last racoon"!

Or... "Does this truck make me look fat"?

What are your thoughts on this fine cloudy morning? Inquiring minds want to know!

Asthmagirl Out!