Are you lost?

At a crossroads in life? Having trouble finding your way? Need a signpost to point you in the right direction?

We are so lucky... in our neck of the woods, we just ask the Salmon! Oh Salmon Guide! Where are we going?


This was not that helpful... lets ask again!


Excuse me... Salmon Guide???? Ah... I see the issue. It's a boy Salmon. (You can tell by the hook in his nose!) That probably limits his ability to give directions. No wonder he has all those signs! (apologies to any mail audience members... just using some artistic license!)


Apparently, the one thing any Salmon knows how to do is find his way home! Thank goodness we are not lost!

We went down to the pier yesterday. Although a beautiful day, there was quite the breeze, which unfortunately blew some clouds in over the mountains and you cannot see them well. These are the Olympics on the other side of Puget Sound. You can see them from Victoria BC, as well. From the shores of Puget sound:


From Vancouver Island:


Because of the breeze, we bundled the dogs up. Maddie is wearing her fleece. She was not visited by the hair fairy. I'm sure she'd do great in Mexico however. Cassie just needs a little coat. Because her fur is long, the wind just blows it to one side and freezes her.


Note Maddie's tail. There was a dog growling at them...


Time to go home and make turnovers! Which were awesome by the way!

(Now I'll probably get searches for puget sound salmon! Won't they be disappointed when it's a wooden fish!)