The tree 

What a lovely day. I'm having a hard time picking "the best part"! My brain is screaming "the food" but there were so many other great aspects that I'm not even going to try what was best! (However, it's worth noting that I think I put on at least 5 pounds yesterday... and I would still be eating if I could find an empty crevice that needed filling!)

I did receive one gift I was desperately hoping for... and it's going to make pictures awkward for a while until I figure it out....


You want to be really careful using this lens... It zooms in so tight that it reveals all sorts of skin irritations, stray hairs and bloodshot eyes. So I'll be improving my Photoshop skills. Otherwise, I don't think my family will sit for any more pictures!

Hope your holiday was all that!

Bloated and Blissful,

Asthmagirl out!