A farewell to cows...

With Fred and Bessie preparing to move on to their next hostess, the Brute Squad has been anxious to show them one last thing before they go. So yesterday, the Brute Squad took the cowz down to the beach. Sort of. They actually took them down to our little small town pier to see Puget Sound, an inland part of the Pacific. Although we have salt water beaches, because they experience less wave action than the coast, the beaches are rocky and not sandy. I think Fred and Bessie noticed!


Maddie told them it was a movie set and that got Bessie to thinking they were going to be stars... (Fred doesn't say much anymore... note the screwdriver he always carries!)

Beach cam 

On the way back to the car, The Brute Squad showed Fred and Bessie their favorite patch of grass (right next to the quarter master's office).


We all stopped to admire the sunset afterward. Fred and Bessie said it's the prettiest sunset they've seen since they've been here.

Pier 3 


I think the cowz are feeling a little off their feed (although their butter consumption is still maxed out!). While I can sense that they're anxious to get to NYC and see Daryl, I think they're going to miss talking with the brute squad.

Girls one 

For sure the Brute Squad is going to miss speaking Cow-hua-hua!

Asthmagirl out!