Fred and Bessie have been dying to get out this week. I think they're still peeved with me for not taking them to Oktoberfest at the pub. In the spirit of excellent hostessing, K3 and I carefully pondered.... where does one take visiting cows where they will feel at home? Inspiration struck and we took them someplace we thought they'd love... the farm!

Girl and dog 

Okay... more specifically, The Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch. Maddie and Cassie wanted to go too, so we showed up with our hands full!


Fred and Bessie were properly awed at the size of the corn!

Go left  

Unfortunately, their amazement quickly turned to discussions on how to get through the maze!


However, I didn't become alarmed until they darted off into the "jungle" jabbering something about beanstalks? Thank goodness Maddie was there to go in after them and bring them back.


Cassie just sat in my arms worrying about dinner!


Getting out wasn't easy though... We walked... We turned....

More walking 

...and we walked...and turned....


We pondered the path we were on. Some of us wondered if the maze would be haunted if we were there at night. The rest of us considered using the cell phone to call for directions on how to get out! Thankfully, we finally emerged...


...Into the pumpkin patch... where things were a little breezy!


But Fred and Bessie didn't care about the wind... they were having the time of their lives and wanted into the picture!


In fact... they had a brief romantic moment before we headed for home and made dinner! I've heard them snorting and whispering in the other room since we ate. I think they're plotting something. I wonder what?

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ If I ever go into a corn maze again, it will be with someone who has an impeccable sense of direction!