Animal Planet

First let me say that while I love the new bathroom rug we bought yesterday, Ikea may be on the list of places my lungs no longer allow me to go.


It's the parking garage (I think). After several days of steady improvement (clean Canadian air anyone?) the lungs have reminded me that they are still in charge of most outings. Turds! Moving on...

Word has it that the Chihuahuas were pretty depressed while we were in Canada. Although Cassie recovered after the first day, Madeline continued to mope and lay in whatever lap was available while she dealt with her abandonment issues. After being home for two days, a certain sense of guilt set in and I decided to change the banner yet again to include the little wigglers. I will be working on a new banner in the coming weeks, but it will likely include the Chihuahuas as Madeline has so kindly pointed out that they deserve top billing after being left behind like that.

Today is the Seahawks playoff game. Hopefully the lungs have recovered enough from the IKEA debacle to behave decently during the football game.


For those with a vested interest, I'm carefully predicting a Seahawks win, only because of the home field advantage. Although the Seahawks and the Redskins have had very different seasons, I don't the Redskin's emotions over a fallen teammate can carry them past this game. The Seahawks are just awfully fierce at home.

Finally, due to my lack of sleep last night, I have new photos edited (such as my lacking Photoshop Skills will allow). One of the places we visited when we went west was Esquimalt Lagoon. Not only does it have a delightful array of bird life, but it sports a great view of Hatley Castle. Whilst shooting the swans (I need a zoomier lens, folks) I happened to catch a pair doing their happy dance. I think they were in love. It was very romantic.

First Hatley Castle:


Now our romantic swan couple!


Aren't they sweet?


Hey! There's people watching... go easy on the mushy stuff!