Home at last!

We got home last night and were so tired, the suitcases are still out in the car. I did bring the camera in, but am just now sitting down to upload the pictures.

I think if I learned anything from the trip it was that I need a lot more work with the camera. While I got some shots that I'm very happy with, I know that I have a limited capability in knowing how to make adjustments to the camera when the settings aren't working! I did learn one thing though....We were taking pictures on the trip up, when we noted that we were getting a "spot" in the same part of each picture. Of course, we didn't have a cleaning kit. So we bought one when we arrived but it wasn't the lenses. It was a piece of fuzz in the body of the camera. Fortunately the manual guided me through the process, but there for a while it was like surgery in the hotel room!

I did find myself fascinated by the light at the Southern end of the island. Here are two examples...



The pictures are still downloading... I'm supposing this could take awhile. I'll try to post more today.... after a shower and some laundry!

Ooh... one more!


I've got to photo shop some of these!