Scenic Commute

Usually driving to work in the winter doesn't yield a lot of scenic opportunities in this neck of the woods... dormant trees, dead leaves, overcast skies. In the last few days since the cold snap of Canadian air hit us, the skies have cleared and the mountains are stunning. Unfortunately, it's also caused stagnant air and people are using their fireplaces more (It was a balmy 22 degrees this morning) so the lung association has rated the air unhealthy for the next couple days. The lungs don't seem to be affected yet! Yea!!!


Stifle Guys! Back to the stunning mountains... I live up on a plateau (sort of), before I drop down into the valley, the views are enough to make you wheeze sigh. I didn't bring my camera the last couple days, because there are no breakdown lanes on the freeway and I can't find a place to pull over. (I realize this is sick, irrational behavior, I just don't know the cure) This morning I catered to my obsessive behavior brought the camera and sure enough, absolutely stunning sunrise, beautiful mountains and no place to pull off. I finally found a spot down in the valley not far from where I work. The view isn't as good, but the mountain is still lovely.

Mount Rainier:


Almost Sunrise:


True Sunrise:


What is not apparent from these shots is that Mt. Rainier is actually an active Volcano. Where I work, we have Lahar (volcanic lava flow) drills and there are actually Lahar evacuation signs throughout town directing you to higher ground. On an everyday basis, it ranges from silly to quaint... but gosh I hope I never have to test that process.

If you're a regular visitor and you haven't commented yet, I'd love to hear from you. So what do you see in your everyday life/ on your way to work?