The Gardens- i.e. bad photography lesson one

One of the things we did in Canada was visit the gardens. If you remember my description, I commented on the fact that they hang a light off of every available surface. We'd gone once before during the holidays but I'd never tried to take a picture of it before. I learned a couple of things that night about photography...

  • You're never going to get the perfect shot with 500 other people josling for your space. Shoot it and move on.
  • If you even consider shooting a clear picture at night, bring your tripod. Don't leave it at home in the living room.
  • The more light that's available (sans tripod) the better the shot. In other words... look for a light souce lady.

I learned a lot of other photography lessons while in Canada, but this one was probably the toughest. I still have shots I need to photoshop, but these are about as good as it gets coming straight out of the camera.

The sunken gardens


The red tree


Blue tree


Italian Garden


Drooling Boar


Forgive me.