Seal and Sashimi!

One of the things that we saw in Canada was a first for me. We were walking along the seawall outside the inner harbor right before sunset. The wall is about 8 feet wide at the top but when you are out there on it it seems like a foot wide! Maybe it's the fact that I can't swim...?

Anyway, there were people pointing at the water and at first I couldn't make out what they say and then I saw this....


I loved him on sight... there's nothing like a spotty dotty seal to lift your spirits! I must have stood there and taken 5 or 6 pictures of him....


He even looked at me....


Then I realized he was up to something....


He had something....OMG!



Our little spotty dotty seal had caught a pretty good size ling cod and was chowing down on him... a little dinner at sunset so to speak.


In all, I probably took 50-60 pictures of our spotty friend. Toward the end, I edited out some of the grizzlier details. I can't fault him for his taste in fish, but I prefer my cod battered and deep fried with a side of chips and some aged scotish ale malt vinegar.

And I'm still in love with the light and dark contrast I found early in the morning and late at night. You can see there was some wind here with the little whitecaps....