The confession chronicles- part deux: Welcome to my Geekdom

It's true. I'm a geek. Almost nothing makes my heart beat faster than a new 64 bit dual core AMD processor with a couple gigs of ram, a GeForce 7600, Sound Blaster X-fi and a 250 gig sata hard drive. Sigh.

I love and understand computers. This is how I got forced into became the network administrator at work. Once folks know that you understand what is wrong with their system, you gain more and more responsibility for making things work... in spite of user error. It is at times a thankless job saving people from themselves technology, but it does have it's moments of humor and, well, sometimes you just have to laugh. But that my friends, is another post.

For now, we'll just go with the geekdom. Desktop systems, laptops, routers, modems, servers, domains, network drives, remote access, back up drives.... these are a few of my favorite things! Nothing is absolute however. Cell phones elude me. I just want to dial the number folks. I don't really understand the whole different song/picture for each caller. I don't get ipods either. Following that progression, iphones are the worst thing ever in my world. It's possible that I may be compelled to figure out this new stuff sooner or later, but I'm going to hold out for a while!

Today we've discovered a new black hole in my geekiness... cameras. Recall my initial confession regarding Moth, an online camera store and Thanksgiving? Fast forward to this morning when Moth drops the box in my arms and wishes me Happy Birthday. Here's the box.

I've been so excited I carried the box around with me all day.Little_d Yes, my instincts were correct. It is a new camera. Let's unpack it, shall we?

Now what?

Little_d2 There are so many little pieces and the lens and the filter and the book and the charger, and more paperwork and nothing makes sense.

And let me just say that book is not super helpful.

And lets be clear on how pathetic it is that I'm taking pictures of my new camera with my old point and shoot!

So I called my fellow Geek Friend, Sheri (thanks Sheri!) who on all things camera and Photoshop out-geeks me like 500 to 1. Sheri talks me down and I finally get the lens attached. I'm too pooped to worry about the UV filter yet. And apparently not much more can be done until the battery pack finishes charging. [Thank Goodness!]

If anyone wants to walk me through the next few steps, any and all advice is welcome and appreciated. I may have to fall back on the point and shoot for a while until I get this beast figured out. As an over achiever, this is a little uncomfortable. Kind of like watching my mother clean my kitchen and tell me everything is in the wrong place. Okay, that was wrong.