Night Sky

Personal Note: I'm still wresting with asthma recovery. The sicker you let yourself get, the longer it takes. I did appreciate the feedback I got on my venting post. I really considered pulling it, but as Undomestic Diva reminded me, part of blogging is the 'keeping it real' aspect, so there you have. Sometimes we just need to say it. I am determined to get my happy face back however, so I here's some things I want to share.

We did a huge family photoshoot last night. Let me just say in all honesty that it is impossible to look presentable when you are strung out on asthma meds! That said, there are some rather funny outtakes toward the end and my daughters are urging me to post those. I haven't really considered posting much in the way of family pictures so I'm still pondering. There's always the worry that frankly we're just not that attractive or interesting! Then there's the fact that I have to reshoot much of the session because what looked good in the camera is not that great on the computer. I haven't told the family yet. It'll be our secret!

In the meantime, today is Sunday and that means football for us (at this time of year). TOG and I season are ticket holders to our local team, the Seahawks. I imagine the Seahawks are local for a lot of folks in the northwest as the nearest NFL team is what.... three states away? Anyway, we went to a night game a few weeks ago and got some amazing picures of the sky as night rolled in. I thought I would share those today while I wrestle with my own photo processing from last night.

Pb120046 Pb120047 Pb120048

I love this last shot although the lighting is terrible. It reminds me of how good I feel when I'm not in the grasp of asthma, and how much TOG and I enjoy going to the football games.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!