The Journey

If any of you have known me for a over a year, you'll know that I love football in general and the Seahawks in particular. I absolutely love the game and all the competition and coverage that surrounds NFL football! I love being a season ticket holder and attending the games even when my lungs have other ideas!

For the last two years, I've been combining my love of writing and love of football and writing for a fan blog called 12th Man Rising, part of the Fansided network and contributor of NFL content to I've been lucky enough to have a feature called The View from Section 333. It's been a fascinating journey, learning to be a sports writer and being fearless in my opinion while other fans agree or disagree with me!

Last month, I had the opportunity to represent 12th Man Rising at the Seahawks All Pro Cornerback Richard Sherman's Charity Softball game. I loved being part of the press and catching the excitement of the game, the competition and knowing it was all going to help Homes for Heros and Richard's Blanket Coverage Foundation!

Following the game, I spoke with former Seahawks Joe Tafoya and Kerry Carter, co-founders of JumpIt Media. They produced the Richard Sherman foundation events, including the softball game which was sold out and well covered here in the Seattle area.

Kerry and Joe offered me the opportunity to work with them on their newest project, Volume 12.

Volume 12 is the power behind the Seahawks fan's attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for loudest fan cheer in a sports stadium.

I'm excited to be a part of this process. Part of the joy of football for me is how much it involves the fans in the stadium and throughout the televised audience.

The Official Volume 12 website will be going live in the next few days and you'll be able to catch up with me via the Volume12 blog.

All of which leads me to the future of Asthmagirl. I don't know right now that I'll be able to devote the time I should to Asthmagirl in coming months. But I'm in no hurry to decide right now.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts. I'll be around!

Sending out love, joy and blessings...



Blue Friday

It's Blue Friday! And I'm wearing my blue in support of my Seahawks who leave today to play Chicago in a divisional playoff! While I can't be there to support them in person, I'm excited to watch the game and cheer them on. Should they win and get some help from the other NFC teams, it's possible they could come back to Seattle and play for the NFC title and the right to go the Superbowl! It is with great hope that TOG and I have already purchased our playoff tickets! No, I'm not counting unhatched chickens. I just have great hope. My hawks have a lot of heart!

In celebration of Blue Friday, I'm posting these two shots I took yesterday. Our agency is getting ready for our Winter Wonderland party and these are the centerpieces. The shot above was taken with my zoom lens.

This shot below was taken with my new macro lens, emphasis on the snow flakes.

I love the color! Especially today!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Just Waitin' on a Train

From the Valley last week on my way home from work. I was stopped at the train tracks "waitin' on a train" ... But I didn't care because Holy Moly, look at the sky! I was happy to have a few moments to pull my camera out!

I had a great weekend with The Old Goat. We're still riding high on the Hawks win over the New Oreleans Saints. The media was mocking our 7-9 season record. The Saints had been on the Seattle football board talking smack about how we were pretenders and they were going to crush us. I understand that they had high expectations, but it is really hard to repeat as champions let alone make it back to the superbowl. It seems everyone but the 12th man thought the Seahawks would be embarrassed.

Here in Seattle, we just call this "The Run"!

I don't know if we'll win next weekend, I'm not much for smack talk. So I'm just going to enjoy this win and know that my Hawks are working hard to get ready for da Bears.

How was your weekend?

AG out!

The Football Analogy

This is Ben Hamilton. He  plays for the Seahawks. I have permission from Rod Mar, (Rod Mar is the Seahawks photographer and took this shot following the Seahawks win over Chicago last week), to use the photo.

I like Ben Hamilton. He's an offensive lineman, meaning he protects the quarterback. He's a seasoned professional, having been in the league several years. I like the fact that he has fire in his eyes!

Clearly he keeps playing in spite of injuries.

I'm no Ben Hamilton. I'm a mild mannered asthmatic football fan with a blog and a daughter with disabilities.

But I think sometimes, every now and then... I might have a very similar look in my eye when advocating for my daughter.

Thanks Rod Mar! Thanks Ben Hamilton! Thanks for putting an image with how I feel sometimes!

AG out!

PS ~ Sometime, I wouldn't mind being Rod Mar's game day minion if it meant I could learn more about how he shoots!