But first... Northern Utah

Northern Utah was crazy beautiful! The colors were so vivid and the sky so blue! One of the places we wanted to visit on our way south was Salt Lake. Not the city, the actual lake. So I pulled the laptop out and started searching right after I took this. I am one heck of a navigator!

The best place to get lake access turned out to be Antelope Island state park which is a brief drive through North Salt Lake City.

My first impression of the island was that every view was breathtaking! The sky! The water! The beaches!

The buffalo! Yes, Antelope Island has a resident buffalo herd!

And at least one antelope. This was the only one we saw!

As we headed for beach access, one very important thing became apparent...

There was a massive bug hatch going on. TOG and I eventually described Salt Lake as really, bug soup. Not that it stopped us...

In we went! It was hot. It was buggy...

Some of us couldn't get out of there fast enough! Fortunately, they have rinse stations at the beach and we were able to get the "soup" off our legs!

We drove around the island for a while and just took everything in. When we got to the side of the island that faced Salt Lake City, this is what we found....

Salt lake city is essentially pressed between the mountains and the lake (which does have some evaporation in the summer, it being 100 degrees or so).

We also found more of the buffalo herd. This is one of my favorite shots from the whole trip... the herd, the lake and behind it, civilization.

The views were amazing!

Really amazing! (all those dots are buffalo)

But we had to get going.... there was much more to see...

AG out!