Road Trip 2012

There we were...working hard... working some more... and working even more. Then one day, TOG and I lifted our heads from our work, looked at each other and said "we haven't been on a road trip in a while." And so began a plethora of research, mileage planning, route investigation, reservations, re-routing, cancellation of reservations... all topped off with a dab of last minute acquisition of oxygen and a tad bit of packing.

And then the adventure began...

I won't be telling it in order, because I haven't edited the pictures in order... and there's a lot of pictures.

Today's shots are from Zion. We stayed near Zion National Park in Utah, using it as a base to visit other parks and states. As we left Zion, we had to drive through it one last time to head toward Nevada.

The rock formations in upper Zion are just amazing. This is checkerboard mesa.

Not only are the criss-cross lines amazing, but the colors are fantastic. One of the things that most charmed us in Utah were the colors!

You expect the desert to be muted and earth toned, but the trees, rocks and sky combine to be oh so vivid. After a few days in the desert, TOG and I were also looking a little vivid, even with 50 SPF!

We saw this huge "wave" of rock the day before and we stopped to try to capture it, not just the beauty, but the magnitude. Here's TOG trying to convey the size!

But I think this shot tells a better story. Can you make out the two people behind him?

We became really accomplished at placing one of the cameras on top of the car and setting the timer! This is still in Utah. It was about 95 degrees out. I remember how pleasant and warm the sun felt, how easy it was to breathe and how far we had to travel that day!

More to come!

AG out!