Spring... at last

Spring has sprung in the Northwest. TOG's flowers are in full bloom and the weather is starting to warm up. I love Spring, even more than Summer or Fall. Everything in my yard is coming to life. My raspberries are loaded with blooms and I'm craving asparagus and other spring foods.

The dogs are enjoying the sun streaming in through the windows and even starting to spend more time outside. The fridgid dash between the raindrops to do their business in the winter are becoming a memory and there are tons of morning smells that must be explored and lingered over while the spring birds sing of nests and um, bugs...

My camera and I have been spending more time outside, enjoying the changes . TOG's daffodils put on a show with these beautiful double blooms with yellow streaks. Worth crawling around in the grass to get a shot.

Worth sitting at the pier and watching the sun set...

Happy Spring!