Catching the moon

I was really lucky to wake up the other night and catch the supermoon from my backyard. The Brute Squad thought it was pretty odd to see me in my pyjamas, tiptoeing around the back yard in the middle of the night with my camera. They were happy to escort me throught the too-tall-grass over to the fence which I used as an impromptu tripod.

Catching a shot of the moon had been a goal I'd set, but one I didn't think I'd achieve. The insomnia has been pretty bad lately and I'm falling asleep earlier than ever. But I've found that being more determined has helped me to achieve some goals I've been putting off.

I've been very focused on losing some of my steroid weight. Back in January the doctor assured me that losing some weight would help my asthma. So this week I tried bike riding again. I've got a ways to go. All was well the first couple days, and then the lungs pitched a fit. So, I'm waiting til they settle and then we'll start in again!

I'm determined to catch the moon in more ways than one!

Wishing all the moms out there a wonderful mothers day!

AG out!