Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I'm ever mindful that as damp as things are here in the Northwest, there are environments where my lungs would be even more miserable.

As TOG and I drove though the Sierras in September, fire season was in full swing. We drove though an actual stretch of one of the fires on the way toward Shasta and even though the signs said not to stop, we slowed waaaaayyyyy down so I could lean out TOG's window and shoot this.

Needless to say, my lungs were in full rebellion and even our getaway was difficult...

Smoke was so thick, it almost blotted out the sun. All I could think of was the poor people that lived there and had to breathe that air 24/7.

So even as my lungs are throwing yet another holiday lung-fest, I'm mindful of my blessings.

And whoever gave me this lung crap... I hope Santa puts some coal in your stocking... or a nice switch.

Yours in rattle-y lungs,