I love this picture. This was taken at the Aryn Islands off the west coast of Ireland. At first glance, it appears to me as a New England village by the sea might look. But what made this island unique were the beautiful ruins up on the hill as well as the fact that there were no trees. Although we only toured the third and largest island, all three islands shared the treeless aspect. While they were beautiful islands with sweeping views, the lack of trees made their beauty rather stark and dramatic.

Using the Ruins analogy, I will note here that my lungs have been in ruins since Thanksgiving. Breathing has been an exhausting chore and the asthma bag I pack each day to go work has been getting heavier and heavier.

There was a bit of a crescendo yesterday that had my doctor sending me to the ER. After a heavy dose of IV steroids, oxygen and breathing treatments, my lungs finally perked up. 12 hours later, I'm wide awake at 4 am thanks to the steroids, but without the chest pain and shortness of breath.... again thanks to the steroids.

I have to go back to see my doctor today for a long term plan, but I'm really hoping that this current level of breathing can be sustained and built upon. I look forward to being able to set goals for the year instead of just trying to get through each day.

Being a ruin has it's glamorous aspects, but it's not all it's cracked up to be!

Wishing you a day of deep breaths and beuatiful moments!