Ice and Snow

I snapped a number of pictures of our ice and snow last week in the Northwest. It was both an epic and beautiful storm. It was a lot more beautiful if you had power. Today there are still a number of people that don't. We were fortunate and other than a 24 hour stretch with no cable or internet, we came through unscathed.

Unfortunately, some of the storm was unplanned, like the additional 3 inches of snow we got after the ice storm. Please note my ice coated raspberry plants... poor things.

Here's a better shot of them. They took it in the shorts. We'll see how hearty they are come spring.

Here's our neighbor's ice and snow coated tree draped over our fence.

This is the top part of the tree that fell behind our house. You would not believe the noise it made coming down! All you can see in this shot is it's ice coated branches. It fell perfectly between the building and our fence harming neither. Other trees in the area were not so polite and fell on houses, fences and cars.

I'll end with this shot of a lovely old tree in front of my employer's, Even a sturdy old soldier like this was no match for the weight of ice and snow this storm brought.

Here's hoping this storm loses ground as it heads east. We are happy to see it go but hoping it doesn't do our neighbors like it did us!