The Adventure

Saturday morning, K3 and I got up at the butt crack of dawn and made a mad dash over Puget Sound and Hood Canal to catch our ferry to Canada. We were cutting it close and called from the outskirts of town to let them know our arrival was imminent... I think they held the ferry for us! It was an absolutely beautiful morning and as we left the dock, the Olympic mountains were stunning!

The sky and the water were dazzling and K3 humored me by letting me take her picture up on deck!

Ninety minutes later, as we arrived in the inner harbor, we couldn't believe all the boats and activity. One of our fellow passengers told us it was the classic boat festival! It was beautiful!

We had a beautiful morning in town and lunched at one of our favorite pubs. When we came back to get our hotel room, we found we'd been given one of the nicest suites! The view off our balcony of the Olympic mountains was utterly stunning.

The weather was perfect and along with the abundant flowers, we enjoyed the entertainers down on the harbor, shopped for sunglasses and other fripperies and lazed in the grass listening to the blues festival on one of the piers!

Yup, that's how we roll!

More mother/daughter fun to come...

AG out!