The Ultimate Adventure

If you know K3 at all, you probably have some idea of what her ultimate best-possible-end-to-our-mother-daughter-adventure could be!

It started with little K3 dozing with her head on my shoulder. We were sitting on the upper deck with the sun beaming on us and smell of the ocean all around us. The boat was churning away toward the US and I was thinking of all the fun we'd had in Canada. And then...

The boat slowed down dramatically. There was a murmur on deck. People were looking at each other uneasily...Then... the boat engines stopped.

I knew instantly! I pushed K3 off my shoulder and reached for my camera as passengers began to yell "Whale"!

Our first glimpse was mostly the spout of water!

However, as we saw more of the whale, K3 announced with great authority "That's not an Orca! That's a humpback!"

We were stunned. No one expected to see a humpback in that area of Puget Sound, especially that close to land!

Unconcerned with his whereabouts, the whale continued to frolic next to the ferry!

At one point he even waved at us!

The splashes were amazing! The whale stayed next to the ferry for a good 10 minutes doing his thing! The captain of the vessel sacrificed his schedule to give all the passengers an opportunity to observe the whale. I swear, we were all tranfixed by his playfulness and his seeming willness to interact with us.

Finally, he was done. The last thing we saw was his tail as he left to go take care of whale business.

It was all K3 could talk about as the ferry resumed it's journey to shore. It totally made her weekend!

It was the best adventure ever!

AG out!