Rock of Dunamase

The first ruin we visited in Ireland was the Rock of Dunamase on our way from Dublin on the east coast to Ennis on the west coast. Although the rock was first used as a fortification hundreds of years prior, the current ruins are from a castle built in the 1200's. Without going any further into it's history, I just wanted to show you the beauty of the site. I think whether I saw it first or last, I would have been charmed by it.

The path to the top is easy to navigate and impossible to resist. I left TOG at the bottom of the hill in my hurry to see what the ruins held.

There's a beautiful little church at the bottom of the hill...

And no matter which way you turn...

The view is stunning!

It doesn't take much imagination to think the view might have been awfullly similar 900 years ago.

The Rock of Dunamase was just a beautiful place to visit!

AG out!