Scotland by rail

Anytime I find a few moments to edit images, it ends up taking forever because I get lost in the memories. Not so much the memories of the trip, even though they are awesome memories, but the way I felt when I saw places for the first time. For me, seeing Scotland for the first time was magical. I'd always, always wanted to see Ireland, but somehow didn't think I'd ever see Scotland. And while they were similar, parts of Scotland was so much more remote and "less settled".

Our first veiws were from the train. When we planned the ferry trip from Ireland to Scotland, we decided to take Scot Rail from the coast to Glasgow because TOG didn't want to drive and miss anything. Our first impressions were of the low lands, but the scenery changed as we climbed higher and made our way inland.

There were more trees but the rolling hills remained the same.

The conductor noticed TOG and I snapping away and invited TOG to come up and take photographs from his open window. TOG sent me because I had the better camera! What a guy!

The conductor's words were succinct. "Keep your head in at all times, Missus. And there's a lovely view of the Galloway Forest around the next bend."

He might as well have handed me the keys to the kingdom!

Yes, it's just as green as Ireland!

That ridge of trees just below the sky is the Galloway Forest.

I tried to focus on the big picture, but I kept getting distracted...

By things like this.

I was so enjoying the scenery that the train ride was over before we knew it.

And there we were at Glasgow Central... smack in the middle of the biggest city in Scotland!

AG out!