It's a mad scramble now, getting the house ready for Blog Fest West. While I want everything to look nice for the guests, mostly, it's things TOG and I needed to do anyway. It's all just crammed into the next few weeks!

While out in the back yard escaping from the paint fumes yesterday, I captured a jumble of images to share. Such as the shot above from my garden. TOG's favorite flower and my favorite flower...

K2 with 2/3 of the Brute Squad, Fiona and Cassie!

The size of this raspberry that's coming on on one of my first year plants!

And my favorite flower, captured with the macro lens!

And no, I haven't had to time to process any more Ireland shots. I'm pathetically overbooked!

AG out!


Here's a shot of Baby Alice I took right after we got back from Ireland. Because Baby Alice makes everything better!