A Far Cry...

Tomorrow morning, we leave Ireland and it was beautiful! The castles were amazing!

It's interesting. Probably our least favorite hotels were the first night in Dublin and now the last night in Belfast. Although this room is lovely, it's quite loud and possibly in a not-so-fab area of town.

I've learned a number of things in Ireland:

  • Just when you think the road can't get narrower, it does.
  • Their accent is just lovely.
  • Even if it is a problem, almost all them say "It's no problem, fine then, no worry."
  • The cider is quite tasty.
  • There are more cows than sheep.
  • The air is quite clean, even in Dublin. (my asthma has been fairly well behaved barring musty castle stairs)
  • They still burn coal in some places and sell it at filling stations.
  • All the churches have a yew tree in front.
  • Even with a GPS, you might not find your destination.
  • When in doubt, go for a pint!

We're in Belfast on a Saturday night. There's a drum and piccolo march out in the street in support of the crown.

All in all, we're a far cry from our home in Seattle.