A- Baby Alice! K3 K1 brought Ben and Alice over last night for a visit. Ben is very busy. So busy he is pretty much a blur! Alice is a little more laid back! We had a snack and nice burp and poopy diaper!

The photo is pretty much out of the camera as I have not installed Photoshop yet. I did get my computer back after it went wacko with the lan drivers and had difficulty staying online. I have all my files, etc but need to reinstall software to bring it up to speed. I finally installed my email last night so if I've missed something vital, let me know!

B- Blog Fest West! Please head over to the BFW tab to veiw the potential itinerary of BFW. Your feedback now will be important for final plans. Please respond quickly, as I am leaving for Ireland soon and iMom will be the one worrying about the details until I get back!

C- Carryons and other essentials... I've resolved a multitude of issues regarding what to take and how since we'll pretty much be on the move the entire time we're in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Stay tuned for product reviews and solutions for being a traveling asthmatic!

AG out!