High Dessert


Straight out of the camera... This was the sunset Monday night. It's been pretty sunny over here but very cool in the mornings!

I've been swimming the last two mornings in the hotel's saline pool. No chlorine which makes the lungs happy! Thus far my lungs have gone along with the plan with very little griping. I'm hoping to develop a bit more stamina before hitting Ireland and the UK!

And I use the term swimming loosely as I never really developed the skill growing up in Alaska. So I guess the correct phrase is "I've been dog-paddling in the pool and trying to keep my face and hair dry".

I've really enjoyed the conference and have new information to apply to my grant writing work. I've got some new thoughts about advocacy as well, so the conference has been really worthwhile. Now I'm just so glad to be going home today to see my "little" family!

Happy Wednesday!!!

AG out!