Chihuahua Appreciation Day!

Today Famous Chihuahua has deemed May 14th as their second annual International Chihuahua Appreciation Day! Fortunately, one of my friends tipped me off, otherwise I might have gone on treating the Brute Squad much as I normally do... making them breakfast, cuddling them, playing with them, chopping up chicken breast for their dinner,etc...

It's hard for me to describe the total impact of the Brute Squad upon our lives. What I appreciate most about them is their quirks. They are so unique and funny! But their common traits are endearing as well... such as their utter determination to lay upon, next to and around anyone that is feeling poorly for any reason. They have truly enriched our lives!

So... thank you Fiona!

For being nobody's fool. Not a pushover. Not willing to hand off guard duties to any other dog. Always willing to push her way to the front in line. Is considering getting the phrase Front and Center! tattooed on her behind! Always willing to throw herself to the floor and roll over if there's even a whiff of puppy biscuit in the air! Secretly loves babies!

Thank you Madeline Louise:

For having the best face ever! For being the sweetest, most determined cuddler and the most unique dog I've ever owned. Your fears of food and water dishes, hardwood floors, loud noises, forks and every other dog on the planet (brute-squad members excluded) keeps us on our toes finding solutions so you can feel safe! Member of the clean leg club. Secretly loves cats and socks! Oh... and you have the best smile ever!

Thank you my little Cassie:

My little general... My little rule maker! Head squirrel permiter monitor, cat herder, director of seating charts, stealer of toys and head of dog dish compliance! In her spare time, she moonlights as a drama queeen, pretends to be subservient and allows tummy rubs. Proficient at making "moon-y eyes" to gain sympathy!

Utterly fearless, completely in charge... If they had a ultimate Chihuahua contest, my money would be on her!

So there you have it. If you don't have a Chihuahua to appreciate, you can appreciate ours. Or you can appreciate the fact that we wrangle them daily so you don't have to!

Happy Chihuahua Appreciation Day!

AG out!