The Challenge

I have never packed light in my life. Ever.

My motto is "take more than you think you need. you'll never regret it!"

With The Old Goat and I heading to Ireland and the UK in June for 3 weeks, and not staying in the same place for more than two nights, I'm finally forced to consider the weight of my luggage.

It is not a pretty picture.

Some things are non negotiable... like the 50 pounds of lung meds I'll be lugging through the Scottish highlands.

Other things, like hair products, are being trimmed to the absolute minimum, much like the 2/3's of my hair I recently lobbed off.

Some things, like cosmetics, are not even being considered.

Clothing is being crumple tested in advance. If I can wad it up on my dresser for three days, shake it out and wear it to work, it's earned a place in the suitcase.

But what in the world does one do about shoes? Only one pair? *shudder* Two? One in the suitcase and one on my feet?

I have 8 weeks to figure out the shoe issue.