Catchcon 2011

So this year, I set up my iphone to get the alert when Catchcon opened for reservations. And it worked so well, that I signed TOG up for a ticket as well! While he likes the show, he's not quite the fan that I am! Well, at least he wasn't until Saturday! The pic above is the cardboard cut out they have when you walk in. Discovery channel takes your picture for free and processes it in black and white and then you can snag it on line the next day! Don't we look salty?

We both enjoyed the boat tours. This is onboard the Wizard. I'm standing next to the coiler!

Here's TOG aboard the Northwestern with Matt, Norm and Edgar!

One of the best things though is meeting the Captains and the crews out on the dock after the relay races and before the crew panel. This is Captain Elliott who is not famous yet, but will be. He's one of the new captains this year and is very cocky. We'll see how he does!

This is Captain Scott of the Seabrooke! We had a few moments to talk about Alaska and how he likes it and how I was raised there and now live here. I think he doesn't quite get how close Seattle is to all the good stuff, like fishing and mountains! Anyway, he was great to talk with and I'm going to be rooting for the Seabrooke this season! Keep your eye on this guy!

I finally got to meet Wild Bill who is quite tall! I was not surprised to look down and find him with flip flops on! He is definitely a warm weather dude! And very cuddly!

I got to meet Captain Keith again who I think totally gets a bad rap on the show. During the deckhand panel, they all agreed that you have to be an ass to be in the wheelhouse. I think the show has shown a lot of Keith's warm side as well. And he has a great smile!

And I finally got to meet Mike Fourtner who is even taller than Wild Bill! Last year, I saw him let Wild Bill in when he arrived late to Catchcon... Mike gave him a bad time about being on Cancun time!

Just like last year, I could not get close to anyone with the last name of Hillstrand.

It was a fun day and I was really glad TOG enjoyed himself as much as I did! It's not every day you get to meet people you really admire. I have to admit that being raised in Alaska and meeting my dad's friends and hunting companions, I knew a lot of guys like these, salty language, uncomplaining, intolerant of slackers. They really resonate with me. For me, it's why the show works so well!

And much thanks to Discovery Channel for putting on Catchcon. Making the show so accessible to the fans is just an excellent thing to do!