Win, Place and Show

As much as I love my blog, I must admit that right now, in horse racing lingo, it's just showing!

Who's first? K3!

If I've learned one thing over the last three months it's that the paperwork involved in getting K3 evaluated and set up with services is mind numbing. Every time you think you've got it whipped, there's another step you must take before you can hit the finish line. It is not what I'd call a particularly rewarding process (other than the fact that her 'store bought teeth' will be ready in a couple weeks)!

And placing in this whole process is the preparation... for the trip to the UK in June (which means I must be whipped into shape) and for Blog Fest West in August (which means the house must be whipped into shape).

Throw in the taxes and yes, I'm feeling a little breathless.

So, my prediction for now is that post are going to be sporadic but heartfelt! Ye haw!

AG out!