Man Talk

Ben brought his family over the other day. At 18 months, he remains charming, single minded, adventurous and busy! Because of our open floor plan, there is no way to really corral him so there's a lot of chasing and redirecting. Did I mention single minded? No? Yes! He wants to see the world! Starting with my stove and all my kitchen cupboards!

Eventually, he stopped to talk to Grandpa in the kitchen. I wasn't privvy to the conversation. Man stuff, no doubt. Tools... sports... performance hiking gear.... where to get the best chicken wings...

Since Ben is unaware that his life is about to change dramatically with the impending arrival of his sister Alice (and all the ruffle butt tights I can find), I hope he knows that Grandpa's always willing to indulge in Man Talk!

AG out!

PS ~ Very exciting announcement tomorrow! Stay tuned!