Dinner menu

At last year's auction, some friends of mine from work teamed up with me and auctioned off Secret Chefs! wherein we give you a menu of our best dishes, you choose 12 and we assemble and deliver said meals ready for the freezer, oven and/or crock pot!

Last weekend, we got together and cooked our hearts out! Afterward, we agreed on three things:

  1. It's about as much fun as you can legally have on a Saturday afternoon!
  2. Seeing how other people make dishes similar to yours is pretty fascinating! 
  3. Why in the world didn't we each buy this because we all wanted to split these items up and take them home!

Also, we didn't ask enough for this. The kitchen at work smelled amazing and this was just a whole lot of food!

At this year's auction, we'll make some adjustments!

Happy Monday!