The Blue Screen of Death

I realized on the way to work yesterday that I've not even picked up my camera this week. So this morning, I popped the card out to see what my last shots were and I found these...

Now the shot above in NOT a blue screen of death... yet. What you're seeing is the death roll of my hard drive at work following the epic malfunction of my surge protector. Think of it as a speedy gazelle racing along the precipice of a cliff, receiving a jolt of electricity and being hurled unceremoniously to the jagged rocks below. If it were Ireland, I'm sure there would be a boiling sea as well, but there's no gazelles in Ireland and this hard drive was definitely a gazelle among sheep.

Why, you might ask... Why Asthmagirl do you take pictures of such a ghoulish scene.

As evidence Grasshopper! The hard drive was barely a year and a half old and still under warranty. As it turns out, it was not warrantied against funky surge protectors and thus, the evidence was for naught!

Now, if you have weak knees, avert your eyes...



I give you....

(drum roll please)

The Blue Screen of Death!

At this point, I packed it up and drove it my system guy who summarily removed the funky hard drive and installed a spanking new one.

These last few days have been filled with reinstallation of programs, reintroductions into the network server and all it's resources, reconnection with my ftp servers and all sorts of other 'fun' stuff.

At this point, I would recommend replacing your surge protectors every few years. It would have saved me a lot of time and trouble!

Happy Friday!!!