Delayed Celebration

It'a been a crazy month. Grant after grant, tons of IT projects and adjusting to TOG's change of schedule. Planning is underway for our mega trip to Ireland, Scotland and England. We're underway on several projects that need to happen with K3 before her 21st birthday. Life is just very fast paced right now.

With all the hub bub, I didn't notice that my asthma anniversary had passed me by until TOG reminded me.

Eight years ago, adult onset asthma kicked my butt. The first couple years were horrific as Dr. M and I searched for the inhalers that could keep the asthma exacerbations at bay. It seemed like I was on oral steroids more than I was off of them.

Eight years later, my asthma is under pretty good control. Oral steroids are the exception, not the rule. I rarely have a prolonged exacerbation.

There's no denying asthma has changed my life in major ways, but I find that really... I don't miss things like perfume or air freshener anymore. And avoiding things like second hand smoke, air pollution and chemicals is probably good for me anyway.

The one thing I really miss is 'control'. I've really had to give myself over to asthma and be uber compliant with my meds and ever vigilent when I'm out in public. There's nothing worse than being caught off guard by a smoker, a perfume drenched theatre goer or a blast of deisel exhaust in a parking lot.

I'm really grateful for how people around me have adapted. Strange smells, perfume laden visitors and painting projects get a knock on my office door at work. Warnings are emailed about carpet shampooing, duct cleaning and furnace filter changes (dust). They've adapted to me in ways I really appreciate.

But my asthma has had the biggest impact on TOG. I'm really appreciative of the adjustments he's had to make. From use of chemicals at home, to places that are hard because of exposure to exhaust (downtown, parking garages) or smells (malls) or smoke (football games, rock concerts).  The adult onset asthma has impacted him almost as much as it's affected me. I'm so grateful for his understanding and flexibility.

And honestly, if not for asthma, I would have never started blogging, I wouldn't know many of the lovely friends I have today and I would have never taken on the persona of AG or Asthmagirl!

So happy anniversary to my bossy, flaky, wobbly asthmatic lungs. Here's to many more years of functional co-dependence.

AG out!