K3 is very interested in anime. Fiercely so.

When we did K2's photo shoot for graduating nursing school last year, K3 was all about the 'hero pose'. As a non-anime afficianado, this looks pretty unflattering... just a lot of unsmiling, over the shoulder and, if uncropped, butt shots. But it made her happy.

However, in real life, K3 is very much a hero. Going from someone who hated the very thought of seeing a doctor, taking a pill or discussing the possibility of maybe, possibly, potentially seeing blood, following her accident last year, she has risen above her fears, disability and all. She may not like those things, but she's able to negotiate (is this a shot or a surgery and how much will it hurt?), reason (at least it's not another bone graft!) and rationalize (so it's only an hour in the dental chair but then I get to go home?).

Last Friday, we went to the dentist for her final impressions to build what we're calling her store-bought teeth. She still won't go back to the dentist chair without me, but she sat through all the rigamarole. And I think her reconstructive dentist finally "got" her in all her glory.

How do I know? As we were walking out, he called her name and asked "I wonder if you're too old?" Then, apparently deciding, he guided her to the Surprise Basket! As she dug through Sponge Bob Squarepants stickers and other fabulous items, the office manager held out a small stuffed dog, in a Chihuahua sweater! K2 pretended to consider it but her eyes were gleaming and she decided to take it home.

As she held it on the drive home, she declared that it will be her Dental Dog. And apparently it will be returning with her when she comes back to get her store-bought teeth bolted into her jaws.

I am still required to escort her though. A hero can only do so much without her side kick!

AG out!