Day in the life of a bad blogger

5:15 am -wake up, make coffee, change puppy potty pads, shower, wash hair, let dogs out to bark

5:45 am -drink coffee, read news, cuddle daughter, cuddle puppies #1-#3, let cat in, yell at dogs #2 and #3 to stop chasing cat, read face book

6:30 am - kiss the goat goodbye, let dogs out to bark, yell at cat to quit teasing dogs, put dogs to bed on sofa, eat cereal,

6:45-6:50am - blog

6:50-7:30 - attempt to dry hair into some semblance of style, throw on work clothes, de frizz hair, take asthma meds, brush teeth, de frizz hair, apply eye liner, find shoes

7:30-7:35 - put dogs to bed on sofa, pour to-go coffee, forget lunch on counter, leave for work

8:00-4:30 - write grants, wrangle technology, write grants, wrangle technology, eat snacks out of food drawer at lunch, worry over funding, wrangle technology

4:30-5:00 - drive home, realize you have no dinner planned, try to surmise what's in the pantry, call house to see if anyone has any ideas, decide you don't care

5:00 pm- come home, kiss dogs, kiss goat, kiss kid, fumble together dinner, wash clothes, cuddle dogs, talk to goat

8:00 pm - fall asleep in chair

11:00pm - wake up, answer email, potty dogs, tell dogs not to chase cat, clean up kitchen, take asthma meds, cuddle with dogs, watch tv, try to go to sleep

1:30 am - sleep

3:30 am - get up to take dogs potty

4:00 am - back to sleep

5:15 am - get up to make coffee